FANCOIL SELECTOR is an advanced performance calculation and selection software for different type of fan coil units. As a web-based software, it provides an easy, quick and reliable selection for fan coils and the ideal software solution for the manufacturers and dealers.
FANCOIL SELECTOR has the basic features and functions as follows:
• Performance calculation and selection of 2 and 4 pipe fan coil units
• Calculation and selection with two different methods: Selection and Unit Calculation
• Detailed performance calculation and selection for different fan speed levels (high, medium, low)
• Calculation of unit actual operating point (balance point) flow rate and fan speed values
• Automatic calculation of ESP (External static pressure) value for high, medium, low fan speeds
• Use of Iklimsoft COIL DESIGNER software for coil calculations
• Calculation with different liquid options (Water, Water + Ethylene Glycol, Water + Propylene Glycol mixture)
• Calculation with liquid outlet temperature, liquid volumetric and mass flow options
• Optional cooling and heating calculations depending on the seasons
• Configuring and calculating according to plenum box, filter and drain pan usage
• Mix air calculation with fresh air intake option
• Filtering according to total capacity and sensible heat
• Sound pressure level calculation according to room and ceiling attenuation
• Sound pressure level calculation according to the distance and the number of reflection surfaces
• Compatible with Eurovent certification
• Project saving
• Saving user default options
• Saving user logs
• Price calculation
• Certificate, catalog, technical drawing, document sections
• Automatic model name creation based on configuration
• Detailed print page
• Printing with multiple page selection
• List print page
• Multi-language support
• SI, IP units
• User registration and authorization
• Admin panel
• Simple and easy to use software interface
• Web-based architecture
• Smartphone and tablet compatibility

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