FAN SELECTOR is an advanced performance calculation and selection software for fans used in different applications such as HVAC &R, ventilation of mining, tunnel, car park, hazardous areas, and heat/smoke extraction.
• FAN SELECTOR is the ideal software solution for fan manufacturers and dealers. As a web-based software, it provides an easy, quick and reliable selection for axial, centrifugal, jet, roof, tunnel and other types of fans.
FAN SELECTOR has the basic features and functions as follows:
• Calculations of fan performance values (air flow, pressure, efficiency, shaft power, etc.) for operating points
• Calculations based on fan affinity laws
• Selections by two methods as Selection and Catalog
• Selections by both static and total pressures
• Fan performance chart (system curve and fan curve) generation
• Fan efficiency (static and total) and shaft power chart generation
• Performance calculation for 50 Hz and 60 Hz
• Dual-speed fans performance calculation for both speeds
• Motor selection by two methods as according to calculated fan shaft power or product related selection
• Performance calculation by different air densities
ErP (Energy-Related Products) Directive compliance data
Air flow calculation assistant
• Sound pressure level calculations on frequency for distance and reflecting surfaces
• Sound power level and sound pressure level chart generation
• Technical documentation (certificates, catalogs, etc.) sections
• Preferences filters
• Multi-language support
• SI, IP units
• User registration and authorization
• Admin panel
• Detailed print page
• Simple and easy to use software interface
• Web-based architecture
• Smartphone and tablet compatibility

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