COOLING UNIT SELECTOR is an advanced software for the selection of cooling units for required capacity. As a web based software, it provides easy, quick and reliable performance calculation and selection for wide range of cold room evaporators, blast freezers, air cooled condensers, water glycol coolers, dry coolers, monoblock, condensing and compressor units.
• COOLING UNIT SELECTOR has its mobile app version that can be installed from Google Play and App Store.
• COOLING UNIT SELECTOR can be integrated with COLD ROOM CALCULATOR software for the calculation of heat load gain. The software is ideal solution for cold room and cooling unit manufacturers and dealers.
• Evaporator selection module
• Water Glycol Cooler selection module
• Air cooled condenser selection module
• Blast freezer selection module
• Condensing unit selection module (With evaporator / without evaporator)
• Central compressor unit selection module (With A.C condenser / without A.C condenser)
• Refrigerated Cabinet selection module
• Dry cooler (Free cooling unit) selection module
• COLD ROOM CALCULATOR software as a module
Product Selection Modules basic features and functions as follows:
• Compressor performance calculations according to polynomial base, referenced to ANSI/AHRI 540
• Performance calculations includes subcooling and superheating values
• Compressor data base library includes widely used compressor brands
• Evaporator and air cooled condenser performance calculation referenced to Eurovent Heat Exchangers for Refrigeration (HE) Certification Programme
• Able to select the products according to suplliers/manufacturers
• Able to select the products for each others (e.g., compressor units selection for evaporators, condensers selection for compressor units, condensing unit selction for evaporators, etc.)
• Automatic optimum air cooled condenser cabinet selection for condensing units and compressor units
• Automatic dimension and pricing calculation for the selected air cooled condenser cabinet
• Model base detailed product configurator
• Automatic dimension and pricing calculation for the selected configurators
• Sound pressure level calculation
• Energy efficiency calculation
• Detailed print page
• Offer (Quotation) assistant section
• Technical documentation section
• Preferences filters
• Calculation for individual model
• Multi-language support
• SI, IP units
• User registration and authorization
• Admin panel
• Web-based architecture
• Simple and easy to use software interface

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